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By Harri

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi All

I have overfed my lawn and now left with patches, tried to scrape the excess feed off and put down fresh grass seed, but still left with minor patches.

What is the best way to get the lawn in shape for the new season.




Read and follow the directions on the label of the lawn food and grass seed this time around. You might also pull up a section of brown patch to check for grubs too.

15 Mar, 2016


If you overdid the fertiliser, the only thing you can do is try to flush it out with water, if its not raining much currently. However, that would have been better done as soon as you realised, but its still worth watering the whole thing thoroughly now. After that, I'm afraid its a case of waiting - grass seed should not be sown within 6 weeks of any chemical treatment on the lawn, so wait till that sort of time has passed and then reseed where necessary.

15 Mar, 2016


I would say that this is the thing that many, including myself has done in the past. As long as the patches aren't enormous, I would leave it alone. You will find, in time that it will recover and the healthy grass will spread to grow over. Unless you can use a proper spreader, I would consider using a liquid feed with a can with a drip feeder or spray in future.

15 Mar, 2016


Spreading of existing grass depends on what species of grass it is:
Bluegrass (Poa pratensis), creeping fescue, and bentgrass all spread.
Perennial ryegrass, tall fescue, and Chewings fescue don't.

16 Mar, 2016


Thanks all for your response, will take your advice and see if I can try and save my lawn.


17 Mar, 2016

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