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Hi ive arrived back from pet sitting at my sons for the week, For Mothers Day he bought me an Orchid ive never had one before so dont know anything about looking after them, no idea what sort it is but ive seen them in large supermarkets. can anyone help as to light, position and watering. no photo but can do one if needed. thanks a bunch.



Probably a Phalaenopsis do a Google search to be sure. If so cool keep moist but not wet, Stera is the Phalaenopsis very knowledgeable on send her a pm

15 Mar, 2016


Not me Moongrower.Try Spritzhenry.

15 Mar, 2016


This time of year, they might be Cymbidiums, too, though Phalaenopsis is far mor common.

16 Mar, 2016


hi I have got a phalaenopsis in a west facing window and it is well into flower now i just tip a little bit of water now and again onto it but not to much and if im doing anything wrong well it is not complaining up to now there is 6 flowers out and 11 nearly out i have also bought some clips to hold the flowers in an upright position i would put a picture on but i dont know how you can as well dip them in rain water for a few minutes them leave them to drain and return it to the place it was. others will tell your more but good luck.

16 Mar, 2016


Look at O for orchid on goypedia the alphabet below, I think Spritz did a very good blog on how to grow them

16 Mar, 2016

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