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By Csarina

Leicestershire, United Kingdom Gb

We have a rose in the garden which has been allowed to gorw into a tree, If I cut it back and prune out the branches that have been allowed to cross over will the rose put out nre growth from dormant buds? I would like to keep it if I can.

The smowberry is no more, We have cut down the last bush today, I got the stump killer, it says to apply it from Novemebr to Mrch, presumably this is after the sap has stopped rising. It will be getting treated in due time.

We bought two bushes to plant in their place, an Escallonia and a varigated cornus, the stems go red in the winter, I will be keeping my eyes open for a couple of other bushes to plant once the stumps are out.



Yes - prune your rose as hard as you like, and shape it - but not until spring - March. I have one that must have started off as a standard rose - and it's like a tree. I climb up the steps both to dead-head at this time of year, as a light prune, I suppose, because I often get more flowers later...Then I prune it as much as I'm able to in March. I also feed it after I've pruned it (with blood, fish and bone scattered around the root area)

As roses are often half-pruned in November, you could have a go then, to make a start. Up to you!

Hope you find some lovely replacement shrubs. :-))

1 Aug, 2010

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