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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

I had 9 healthy comfrey plants, I was told they'd be very difficult to get rid of - not that I wanted to do that.
I cut them down to ground level in November and only 1 is growing now. Have I really killed them off ?



Possibly. You'll know for sure in a couple weeks. A drastic cut like that with open wound at ground level makes them susceptible to various pathogens.

17 Mar, 2016


Wait and see - nothing seems to kill mine! But if they are dead and you want some more send me a PM.

17 Mar, 2016


I thought comfrey was pretty well indestructible. But thanks for the offer,S, If they don't appear soon I'll certainly be in touch. Presumably you'd be sending pieces of root as I set last time ?

18 Mar, 2016


I'll just dig some up and send what comes - its mostly started to grow now, so the sooner its done the better if you want some..its not the wild sort, it has pretty blue flowers. Bees love it.

18 Mar, 2016


Thanks S, I only use it to make Comfrey fertiliser - presumably the blue flowered type is ok for this ?

19 Mar, 2016


Sure is.

19 Mar, 2016


Then yes please, S, but I insist on paying for the postage.

21 Mar, 2016


I will need your address - PM me. Most people here don't accept postage Hank, unless its a huge parcel. What goes around comes around. Put a donation in something you care about instead.

21 Mar, 2016


Hank I sent the parcel and today it was delivered to me instead of you - I had not noticed that the old label someone else had stuck on when they used the box before was still there and it was bigger than the one i wrote to you. The plants will have drooped badly by now. Let me know if you still need them as i have plenty and can easily try again.

I couldn't send this as a PM because I kept getting a message that something was wrong when i tried, so i hope you see this. Will try a PM again tomorrow just in case.

31 Mar, 2016

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