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By Onlyme

Every summer l spend a fortune on path weed killer, anyone got a cheaper alternative?



Not one that works in the same way, unfortunately - you can use a flamethrower, but you need to keep repeating it, same with other types of weedkillers. In the long run, it might be more cost effective to redo the path, or at least replace any pointing that's become dodgy over time to stop it happening. Unless your path is block paving, with sand inbetween the joints, of course - but you can buy weed suppressing sand, something like Dansand, sold at Wickes.

17 Mar, 2016


Bless you Bamboo, I wish I'd known that before!

17 Mar, 2016


If yoiu mean about the Dansand, Steragram, it might sound easy, but it isn't - even if used initially, when the paving's laid, it stops being effective after a while, and scraping out existing sand between the joints on block paving and renewing it with Dansand is no easy task - requires a whacker plate to do it properly.

18 Mar, 2016


Oh dear. We have quite a large area of block paving and it does tend to get moss in the joints. Unfortunately it slopes gently towards the lawn so I'm a bit chary of putting path weedkiller on it and doing it carefully with a sprayer takes a very long time and wears me out.

I don't remember the contractor using a whacker plate when he put the sand in originally.

Sorry Onlyme, hope you don't mind me joining in!

18 Mar, 2016


You'd have remembered, Steragram - a whacker plate machine is incredibly noisy... it just vibrates the stones so the sand shakes down into the gaps. Weed growth is one of the issues with block paving, unfortunately.

19 Mar, 2016


We've got block paving on our drive , & it needs attention every few months . My Hubby uses a long handled brush ( from garden centres especially for this purpose ) He also uses SALT From B& Q or else & scatters and brushes it into the joints . Cheaper & safer than Weed killer

19 Mar, 2016


Not safer than weedkiller if you've got planting nearby though, Pammie, salt that is, its highly toxic to plants, so unfortunately, there's as much risk from run off with salty water as there is with weedkiller. Its okay if there's no planting nearby though, but salt can sometimes cause efflorescence in the paving itself, or damage to the surface of the blocks.

19 Mar, 2016


I was told not to use salt on ours even for melting ice. The installer assured me that stuff wouldn't grow in the crevices- I've a good mind to contact him and present him with the problem!

19 Mar, 2016


I have a small area of block paving and for two years now i have kept it clear of weeds with this recipe.

I gall distilled vinegar
1\2 cup of salt
Dash of washing up liquid. Mix well.

Use with a weeding sprayer in water can in spring.

I'm sure the purists will disapprove and I have only lawn on each side, but it works for me.

19 Mar, 2016


Thanks every one

20 Mar, 2016

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