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By Queenie

Surrey, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone help me to identify this small tree/shrub apparently it has white flowers, sorry photo not terribly clear.
Thanks, Q?




Could it be Nandina domestica? that's what the leaves remind me of...

18 Mar, 2016


Hi, I think Bamboo has hit the nail on the head, grows to about 6ft, flowers midsummer, with small white flowers about 1/2" across with large yellow anthers, followed by red berries, unfortunately not completely hardy, only frost hardy, so needs a sheltered spot, Derek.

18 Mar, 2016


Erm, Nandina is relatively common around the South, Derek - RHS has it listed as H4, hardy down to -10 to -5 deg C. Might be more vulnerable in a pot though, and does need a reasonably sheltered spot in a good amount of sun.

18 Mar, 2016


Hi Bamboo, yes I must admit, I tend to think that all the UK has the same temps as we do in the north,apart from this winter, they wouldn't survive up here for very long, even this winter it's got down to minus 6c, and that's in my greenhouse, which is insulated, but not heated this year, Derek.

18 Mar, 2016


Thanks you two, looking at other pics I think you're right.
The plant was a present from a friend who has two, sort of standardised, and thriving outside in large pots in warm Wandsworth, which I admired. Can't think why there is no identifying tag on any of them. My friend isn't a gardener so names don't stick!
Cheers, Q?

19 Mar, 2016


Left largely unpruned, Queenie, it produces quite a lot of bright red berries in autumn, very attractive.

Derek, yes, I'm aware you're up north, as are two of my sisters, which means I'm well aware of the temperature difference between here and there, particularly in winter, we're always comparing notes about that!

19 Mar, 2016


One of my favourite shrubs, Queenie, and the leaves will often turn reddish and bronze at ANY time of year, so don't worry - that's normal!

19 Mar, 2016

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