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Please can you help ! I mentioned the other day my Son bought me an Orchid, but some of the buds seem to be brown and squishy. I was told to water it once a week, could it be lack of light it isn't in sunlight, what can i do, ive put photo on thanks.

Orchid_001 Orchid_002



This type of orchid does not grow in the ground but in the top of forest trees so that it gets as much sunlight as possible. Not too hot so east or north facing window, soak the roots once a week and allow the water to drain off.

18 Mar, 2016


One of the orchid growers on here told me to look at the colour of the roots, including the ones that stick up out of the pot. If they are white you can water it but as Bulba says make sure you let it drain afterwards. If they are pale green it doesn't need any. Have to say yours looks pretty healthy - just take the brown buds off, the rest look great.

19 Mar, 2016

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