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When do Orchids bloom ? thanks



they can keep flowering for months on end mine are still flowering and i have had for roughly a year and it has never stopped although once it only had one flower on it.good luck

19 Mar, 2016


Depends on the orchid... If it is a Phalaenopsis then, yes, they can bloom for months...

19 Mar, 2016


And repeatedly through the year--nice plants! Other kinds are more picky:
The Cattleya-Laelia group tend to bloom mid to late spring, with a few blooming in summer.
The Miltonia-Odontoglossum group usually blooms late winter to mid spring, with some of the Oncidiums sliding into early summer.
Cymbidiums usually bloom late winter to mid spring also, with some of the dwarf varieties also blooming later.
Dendrobiums tend to bloom late summer to early fall, with a few species blooming in spring.
Paphiopedilums (tropical Lady Slipper Orchids) bloom spring and summer, and occasionally repeat, depending on the variety.

20 Mar, 2016

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