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Only a test for Shirley Tulip



Thanks Sue. I think I know what happened - when I added the photo to my blog it said it was too big - after cropping it down it was accepted on the blog. I guess it didn't give me that info. on the questions section.

21 Mar, 2016


Ok Shirley, been there and done that many a time, it does make you wonder at first, glad you have it sussed....

21 Mar, 2016


It's been accepted on my question now ... bloomin' computers and their photo size requirements!

21 Mar, 2016


They can be really annoying at times, mines been threatened with a launching many a time...

21 Mar, 2016


"Hit any key to continue" I get to choose the size hammer? :D

22 Mar, 2016


Make it a large one Tug ... screen now 'freezes' when it feels like it ... grr!

23 Mar, 2016


Ten pound maul, coming up, Shirley!
The image is cathartic, but I wish that I had the know how to do something more constructive. In mine, "Data Execution Protection" keeps closing Explorer because some piece of malware is trying to access my operating system, but it won't tell me what program is doing this, so I can delete it or clean it!

23 Mar, 2016


Oh dear, I only know the absolute basics to operate this Windows 7 desktop computer. My children laugh and say I should up-date but until there is a bigger problem I shall stick with this!

25 Mar, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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