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Sorry! Seemed to have messed up with photos on 1st question can any ID this plant please!




hi could it be a berginia /elephant ears.good luck.

22 Mar, 2016


My choice, too. Maybe B. ciliata?

23 Mar, 2016


Does elephant ears have little spikes on the leaves? I've not noticed any on mine.

23 Mar, 2016


could it be a mahonia seedling?

23 Mar, 2016


Bergenia ciliata has tiny bristles around the lower part of the leaves, especially visible on seedlings. Some of the hybrids share that, too.

23 Mar, 2016


This was in the garden of house that we have moved to, I don't think it the Eliphant ears as this plant has spikey edges on the leaves. But thanks for all your comments been very helpful.

23 Mar, 2016

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