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By Mark61

South Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all ,i would just like to know could i move a 5 year old apple tree ?,its a pink lady and not to tall.If it is ok to move is it safe to do so now?.Thankyou mark



Yes, it can be done, but I highly advise you hire a professional and it won't be cheap. The big issue isn't above ground, it's what's below, the extensive root system and moving the tree with minimal root damage. The tree may need a year or two to recover from transplant shock and may not produce fruit. Another option is plant a new apple tree & cut down the old one.

23 Mar, 2016


How big is the tree? You can move anything if you are willing to pay out enough but even then there is no guarantee it will survive. Why are you wanting to move?

23 Mar, 2016


Hi thankyou Bathgate and Moon grower.i have now decided to leave the tree where it is as i certainately do not want to destroy it or shock it as i have minimal knowledge on moving them.I more just wondered if it could have been a option.But i will leave it where its happy.Thankyou both again for your help.Regards mark

25 Mar, 2016

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