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Kohl rabi leaves yellow after transplanting.

See pic attached, I sowed some kohl rabi in a tray and then transplanted them 4 or 5 to 3-4 inch pots , then transplanted again to individual 3 inch pots and now the bottom first leaves have gone yellow on some, but upper leaf growth still green and upright. Is it due to repotting them too much or too much water / lack of drainage? I have taken them out of the tray now (which had no drainage) and put them in their pots on a wire rack back in greenhouse, will they sort them selves out?

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They look as though they haven't had enough light.
Only water them when the compost is almost dry.

23 Mar, 2016


That's probably it then, they were sown and kept in the greenhouse at my allotment for a month and then repotted and kept on a north facing windowsill for a few days. Now they are back at the greenhouse

24 Mar, 2016


Hi, the leaves which have gone yellow look like the cotyledons to me, which are the first leaves to appear from the seed, bear no resemblance to the proper leaves, and will always drop off at some stage, otherwise they look quite healthy, Derek.

24 Mar, 2016


The small ones at the base are, but Iwas also looking at the rest of the plant and thought they looked a bit drawn?

24 Mar, 2016


Yes, they looked kind of stretched to me, too. Just about the right number of true leaves to allow the cotyledons to die off, anyway.

27 Mar, 2016

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