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Unhappy magnolia

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We have lined our garden and our beautiful magnolia tree is not happy. It has buds but is not flowering. Any ideas? Thank you,




Hi, welcome to GoY, this looks like a Magnolia soulangeana, which has large tulip shaped flowers, it's pruning group 1, which means minimal pruning, this 1 looks as if it has been pruned to death, having had large branches removed, they're not keen on being pruned, so it could sulk for a few years, and also, if those stone chippings are limestone, it won't be keen on that either, they prefer an acid to neutral soil, so could be too alkaline, and if you have a liner under the chippings, it could be too dry, they like a moist, well drained soil, Derek.

25 Mar, 2016


I agree with Derek it looks to have been rather brutally pruned, you are unlikely to get any flowers this year. I'd remove the chips around the tree in a circular shape with a diameter of at least 12 inches and if there is liner underneath remove that too!

25 Mar, 2016

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