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By Erik

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi again gardeners ,every year I collect the seed pods from the welsh Poppy's I have in my garden an every year they fail to germinate this year I put them in the fridge for 2wks b/for I spread them on the compost still no joy they do self seed in the garden ,but I don't have any luck with them in trays ,any advice would be appreciated E



They will self seed in the garden but it may depend on where you are and what your soil's like. I get a few odd ones here from time to time. Try collecting seed and sowing it straight away outdoors and see if that works.

26 Mar, 2016


I almost view Meconopsis Cambrica, aka the Welsh poppy, as a weed! Self seeds everywhere and we are constantly having to remove and attempt to deadhead them before they can seed. Just leave it alone to do its own thing and you'll have plenty of plants in no time at all!

26 Mar, 2016


I love the yellow and orange Welsh poppies but when I've managed to sow any poppy seeds in trays I've found they don't like being transplanted. Maybe that's just me though as sowing seeds don't often work for me. I think they know I'm impatient and will cut corners. They'll be blowing raspberries next!

26 Mar, 2016


Nope, not you Arbuthnot. Its the same with hellebores. Leave the seed heads on and you'll be over-run with seedlings in no time. Collect the seed and sow in trays....nothing. Zilch! Its the contrariness of plants! Poppies don't like being transplanted. Best to just let them self seed and weed out the ones you dont want. Sods law I think they call it!

26 Mar, 2016


Thanks for all the answers people ,I will now give up trying to grow from seed and as per the advice let nature take its course ,thanks again for taking the time to answer my question, E

27 Mar, 2016


I've also come to the conclusion that Meconopsis Cambria will self-seed where it wants to grow. Tried and failed to grow from seed. I took a small plant to my friend last year but it has such a long tap root that we need to be careful not to damage it.

27 Mar, 2016

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