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By Ecliv

Hello, I have discovered an 8 petal Daffodil growing in amongst the 100's of others in my garden. Never seen one before. Is this a common occurrence? I have taken some pics on my phone & marked the plant in order to hopefully
get some seed & propagate offshoots. Clive Holmes



Hi Clive and welcome to GoY. What you have is a 'sport' highly unlikely that any seed you grow from will have the same genetic problem. In fact the bulb will probably produce a normal 6 petalled flower again next year.

26 Mar, 2016


welcome to GoY from me too.
Its not an unusual occurrence. It happens when the bud is forming after it flowered last. the probability of it happening again is low.

but enjoy the novelty of it. And if you can please share the photo.

26 Mar, 2016


Thanks for your replies. I have posted a photo of the Daffodil on the website. ecliv

27 Mar, 2016

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