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Hello. I am very new to growing veggies, and have started with tomato, cucumber, spring onions and now lettuce. The issue I have is that I think I may have sown the lettuce seeds too close together, and now have almost a large bunch of youngs plants coming through the soil. Each shoot is about a half inch tall. Someone has mentioned that I will need to thin these out in order for them to grow? As I say, I am new to this so any help is greatfully received.




Just pull some out so the rest have room to grow. (Imagine standing room only on a train, you want more space) You could plant the ones you pull out in a large pot if you are careful.

9 Aug, 2008


If you carefully dig a small bunch out you can replant them into a row in a spacing of about 6 - 8 inches. Make sure that you water them in and that there is some form of slug protection. whilst they are small. I grow Little gem lettuces that keep well in the soil and are hearty. Lindak.

9 Aug, 2008


The probem I have is that they are so tightly bunched (as you can now see from the picture) that I am not sure how many to mave etc. This may sound silly, but does each shute amount to one single plant?

9 Aug, 2008


Yes! You have lots and lots of potential lettuces there. It's definitely easier to dig up a small clump at a time - maybe with the end of a seed label? and separate them gently as Linda says. Then you can replant as many as you want to. Be very gentle so as not to bruise the leaves and try not to touch the stems.

9 Aug, 2008


When I worked in a nurseries we had to separate out seedlings and we handled the plants gently by the leaves and tried not to handle the stems or roots. I sometimes use a nail but you sould use a seed label. Just ease them out slowly and gently and with practice you'll be fine and so will your lettuces.

12 Aug, 2008

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