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I have overwintered two large variegated geraniums (not pelargoniums)with potential for around twelve cuttings .is it too early early to do this and any tips appreciated



Hi, you can take basal cuttings of Geranium in early to mid spring, so no it's not too early, Derek.

27 Mar, 2016


thanks derek m I wasn't sure of the timing

27 Mar, 2016


Erm, I'm somewhat confused - you say you've 'overwintered' two variegated geraniums, but then state they're not Pelargoniums. Geraniums (cranesbills) are generally hardy and don't need overwintering, whereas Pelargoniums (commonly known as geraniums) do need overwintering, so out of curiosity, can you confirm which plant you actually mean please?

28 Mar, 2016


I wondered that too Bamboo.
either way now is a good time to propagate them.

29 Mar, 2016

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