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Hello! All can I take a Lauraĺ cutting now and how do I do it?

Dublin, Ireland Ie

Hello! All can I take a Laura cutting now and how do I do it? Thanks



Need a bit of clarification - when you say 'Laura', do you mean Laurel of some sort? If so, there are three different plants commonly known as Laurel (Bay, Spotted Laurel, Cherry Laurel). All are evergreen, and can be propagated from cuttings, usually semi ripe or hardwood cuttings, taken from July through to early winter, depending on which method you choose.

28 Mar, 2016


Thanks Bamboo it's a spotted Laurel, I'll wait until July and try then.

28 Mar, 2016


If your Spotted Laurel produces berries, you can try growing new plants from those, if you like a challenge, info here

28 Mar, 2016


If it's a named variety, though, the seedlings could be quite different from the parent.

28 Mar, 2016

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