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my dog has burnt my lawn with wee what can i do to put it right



If your 'dog' is a bitch, not a lot other than stop her peeing on the grass. You'll need to rake up the damaged areas to get a fine tilth, then sow seed, but obviously if you can't keep the dog off the lawn, you'll be doing that job for the rest of the dog's life...

What you can do is flush any area she's just used with copious amounts of water from the hose, which should reduce the damaging effects a bit. I'm told you can buy something called 'dog rocks' from vets which you put in their drinking water which makes their wee neutral so it doesn't burn grass, but I'm also told some dogs refuse to drink water with those in, but it might be worth a try.

29 Mar, 2016


Walk the dog.

30 Mar, 2016


You'll find that where the dog has peed the grass will grow quicker and greener. We've had male and female dogs all our lives but found the grass has never really suffered and we've always had a decent lawn. It's mowed regularly and still looks like a lawn. If you're a fanatic though who wants a bowling green then doing nothing won't be for you.

31 Mar, 2016


Blimey, that's very unusual Arbuthnot - bitch urine is well known as a cause of brown patches on lawns, its even listed in Hessayon's Lawn Expert under 'Causes of lawn problems'. Dog urine not so much, they tend to cock their legs and burn bushes and plants instead...

31 Mar, 2016


Well all I can say, Bamboo, is that our grass ends up greener - there are longer brighter green clumps where she regularly goes. It might die back a little but nothing that was overly noticeable. Perhaps it depends on what the dog is fed on. Or maybe if a dog has been speyed that makes a difference too.

Actually, I should speak of my dog in the past because she died some months back but occasionally I forget.

31 Mar, 2016


Or there might be a much more banal explanation - where she went, the grass did die back and was then producing one of the wilder, meadow grasses instead - they are greener and grow faster so if you're still seeing those patches of longer, greener grass, that might be why. hard to say what's going on, really...

31 Mar, 2016


just walk the dog.

31 Mar, 2016

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