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By Tercol

Norfolk, United Kingdom Gb

Havent seen any links in any replies but we're going to give it a try hubby started putting posts in yesterday when he came home from work and pulled his shoulder, need to see if I can find somebody to do it (our local handyman is good but haven't seen him about) it will be worth it to get it done. Went to supermarket yestetday and they had some large shrubs with rootballs wrapped in plastic so I bought half a dozen and intend planting them in large containers as unsure where to put them in the garden and I can then move the tubs around until I decide. The deer I assume has dug up every heather is it worth planting again or will it alwats be the case, I am trying to ceate a bed in the garden around the base of a monkey puzzle tree, ant alternative suggestions?

30 Mar, 2016

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Check the question you posted on 21st March, titled 'We have had a monkjack visit...' I answered under there and added a link to the Forestry Commission site regarding fencing for deer.

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30 Mar, 2016

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