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Hi there hopeing for some help!! I had my grass re turfed 2 years ago, this winter the grass has gone to mud, it's super sticky and like a clay bottom, the grass is no more but wondering if it will grow back?? Or I have been told to put down a lot of top soil and plant grass seed?



Photos would be useful - if you live somewhere up north that got a lot of rainfall, and the area's been waterlogged, or dogs/kids/people or vehicles have been on the lawn all winter, that would explain why it looks bad. Without seeing the area, its difficult to give good advice, but unless its been used all winter by any of the four things I mentioned, I'd wait a while and see what happens, particularly if its sodden at the moment.

30 Mar, 2016


And best not simply put down topsoil, if you do decide to go down that route later, because the clay under it will still be there and the water won't be able to drain away.

30 Mar, 2016

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