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By Jan9

Great information on the Tacca chantrieri. My bloom bud dried up and right from the beginning it hung down instead of straight up. Any ideas what could be wrong with it?




possibly lack of water, wrong light conditions or fluctuating temperatures. where abouts are you [[location] and is the plant in a conservatory or outdoors?

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31 Mar, 2016


I live in the Florida Keys. They love my back porch,it's in the shade with good air circulation. In the winter if the temps drop I bring them in.
I found a problem, under the leaves had little black dots I think it may have been eating the leaves. I cleaned under the leaves with a Q tip and alcohol. I also noticed if you touch or move the soil tiny bugs would fly around. I took out a couple of inches of the potting mix and added new on top. That seems to have worked so far. I also read you should let it dry so the bugs don't return. I water it when ever it starts to feel dry before it droops and I also fertilize regularly.

2 Apr, 2016

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