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Has anyone got any Clematis 'Daniel Deronda'? I recently planted some and although they have flowered they have hardly grown up my trellis unlike my other late summer Clem 'Marie Boisselot 'that has spurted right up to the top already.



Don't worry if it is it's first year. I have planted 4 different cvs. and they are all growing differently. Fast/slow, small flowers/normal. Takes a while to settle down. 'Daniel' is a large grower.

7 Aug, 2010


That's good news Vincent - for a sec I thought I was having badl luck again as some other Clems I planted didn't take off at all. Maybe these will be better next year!

8 Aug, 2010


They will.

9 Aug, 2010


Annelise, if you are new to clems, can I give you a little advice? I have a bit of an obsession with clems you see and I have nearly 100 different vars!! I's got to stop! Anyway; when you plant your clem, (which hopefully you will have done good and deep in case of wilt problems) make sure you keep it well watered for the first year and every year if it is dry. Feed it as well, they like a good feed, but as you have clay soil you shouldn't need to overdo it. They like to be constantly damp but they also need good drainage, and this can be hard with clay (I also have clay so it's by no means impossible!!). Its the watering that I find really helps more than anything to keep clems growing and to give them a good start. It's also important to keep it well tied in to it's support as they can be easily damaged by strong wind, and look out for slug, snail and mouse damage at the bottom of the stems as this can also ruin your plants. Hope it is better next year for you! I don't have Daniel Deronda, but it looks lovely!

11 Sep, 2010

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