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Anyone know a good supplier of Garrya Elliptica (Apart frm Burncoose and Crocus)



Hi Sue, I got 1 from j parker's last year, they have a garden centre near my daughter;s, but they also do online, Derek.

1 Apr, 2016


I'm impressed. I vowed I'd never buy plants from them again after my own experience. I'm glad yours was satisfactory. Have now been thinking about getting one with shorter catkins than James Roof as it will be kept to only five or six feet and they'll look more in proportion.

1 Apr, 2016


Most good garden centres stock them. 3 of the 4 near me have them in stock. there are plenty of mail order centres other than the 2 you have mentioned. I d do a bit of browsing to compare prices. Cant remember where you are so don't know if you have any gc near you.

2 Apr, 2016


If you do a Google search, lots of suppliers with good reputations will pop up. Alternatively, check out your local garden centres and nurseries so that you can view before you buy.

2 Apr, 2016


I did Google it before asking the Q. Heaps of descriptions and care advice, but all those for sale seemed to be for James Roof and I wanted one with shorter catkins because of where its going to go.We don't have any garden centres near here (sigh).
Never mind I'll risk the one on Amazon.
Thanks anyway.

2 Apr, 2016

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