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By Cassius

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I have a cotoneaster in my garden which usually keeps its leaves through the winter. But last year, shortly before Christmas, it lost its leaves. Can you explain this?



Do you know which cotoneaster it is?

3 Apr, 2016


yea, which variety is it - and what's it doing now, is it showing growth again?

3 Apr, 2016


Mine did the same Cassius but it's showing new growth now. As it was one the birds seeded in the garden I don't know which variety mine is but it never did this before, always evergreen.

4 Apr, 2016


I've got one of the prostrate evergreen Cotoneasters, and that too has lost most of its leaves. I put it down to the exceptionally wet winter we've had here in Wales, as I can't think what else could have caused it.

4 Apr, 2016


Thanks for replies. Steragram, I don't know what kind of cotoneaster it is, but will try to find out. Bamboo, I'm glad to say it is now growing new leaves, so am hopeful! Thorneyside, very interested to hear yours did the same. Since putting the question I've heard of other cotoneasters locally which also lost their leaves. Rosierose, I live in Shropshire, which is near Wales, as you know. A gardening friend of mine also suggested the wet weather was the reason.
Many thanks for all replies. I'm encouraged to think there is nothing seriously wrong.

12 Apr, 2016


there probably isn't anything wrong - most cotoneasters are listed as 'semi evergreen' or deciduous, - semi evergreen means they might drop their leaves in winter if they don't like the conditions.

12 Apr, 2016


Many thanks to all who sent comments about my cotoneaster losing all its leaves. Glad to say that it has now grown a good new spread of leaves and is looking very healthy. The general opinion was that there wasn't anything very wrong with the shrub, the leaf loss was probably due to the very wet weather.

29 May, 2016

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