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I have a small area 12 x 12 meters set aside for veg & fruit which I need to maximise.
Question: Can I plant a row of Potatoes between my two rows of Runner Beans, rows are 36" apart.



Not really as you will need to ridge the potatoes up and won't be able to get t odour runner beans properly.

6 Apr, 2016


Hi bill have you tried to grow tates under black plastic.all you need to do is lay the plastic down flat and put soil around the edges to stop it blowing away etc then put a cross in the plastic at intervals and put a potato under each cross that way you dont have to ridge them either although you might not get a good yield as you would if they was in the ground just a thought good luck.

6 Apr, 2016


Personally I wouldn't have thought they tubers would get enough water to grow properly if the soil is covered in plastic.

7 Apr, 2016


I tried this once and was less than impressed.
You could grow a catch crop of young salad leaves though, or even spinach which doesn't mind a bit of shade.

7 Apr, 2016


That would certainly work Stera

7 Apr, 2016

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