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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

The friend who gave me the 2 packets of very old seeds said they were both beetroot, but the small plants that are coming up don't look like any beetroot I've grown before. See below ( I'm praying it's the right way up ). The picture on the packet is below but there's no name on it.




Well image is sideways on but the 'leaves' you are seeing are the cotyledons you'll need to wait for the true leaves to i.d. but, if they were in the beetroot packet they should be beetroot!

6 Apr, 2016


Thanks BG, are cotyledons worth growing ? I may set some more if so.

6 Apr, 2016


Oh dear, I've just shown myself up. I googled cotyledons thinking they were plants I could grow. WRONG !
I will ask what they are when they's got a bit bigger.

6 Apr, 2016


Look like radishes (Cherry Belle) to me. If so then need to be sewn in the ground in short rows in succession or in a spaced group in a large container.

6 Apr, 2016


I think you're right J, good - that'll be a job to do tomorrow, thanks

6 Apr, 2016


The photo on the packet is of radishes, not beetroot.

7 Apr, 2016


And those are definitely radish cotyledons. It might be the larger growing variety 'Crimson Giant', but they grow, taste, and are used in much the same way.

7 Apr, 2016


Of course they are J, now I've looked closely at the picture there's no doubt. Will get some in today.

7 Apr, 2016


3 rows of radishes in. Thanks all

7 Apr, 2016


Hank, you really need to plant with at least 2 to 3 weeks, between sowings as they will all develop at the same time and then run to seed if not harvested. Unless, of course, you love lots of radishes!

8 Apr, 2016


Thanks J, I still don't have much idea do I ? Occasionally I get it right though.

12 Apr, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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