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Carnation cuttings advice please I bought these last week from a Supermarket


By Bloomer

yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Carnation cuttings advice please ....

I bought these last week from a Supermarket,,and have taken several cuttings from the strong side shoots..If they root ok,would they be hardy enough to survive a winter in the Garden? Thank you..




There's no harm in trying. I have been successful in the past, and again not. Put them somewhere warm and sunny.

9 Apr, 2016


Grow them on warm Bloomer.....I've grown roots in soil and water ( well the carnations have ?)

Pot them on, pinching the tops out as they grow for bushy plants
Hopefully you can plant them out to harden off later in the year and they should be fine.....maybe keep a couple in pots just in case, I've known prolonged frost to wipe them out

9 Apr, 2016


Yes you can and I have often done it but really harsh winters will see them off. so winter protection for a few cuttings ensures you have them next year.

9 Apr, 2016


Thanks for your advice,Arbuthnot,Pam and's very helpful.. I wasn't sure if they were hardy or not,so I will err on the side of caution,in regard to winter..just depends if they root or not yet ..fingers crossed :o)

9 Apr, 2016


My friend Doris, no longer with us, used to do this all the time. Every time she got a bunch of pinks she rooted the side shoots. I'm not sure how they fared in the garden, but it's definitely worth a try. I can't seem to keep them over winter, which is hugely disappointing as I planned to grow loads in my Patio Border. I think it's the cold winds that get them.

9 Apr, 2016


Experimenting is all part of the fun,I think..If they grow,that's lovely,and very satisfying..if they fail,well,it was worth the try...we move on and try something else...they would only have been consigned to the compost bin anyway :o) Speaking of cold..we have had a keen frost overnight,and fog,but the sun has just appeared,along with a beautiful blue sky..looks like another lovely day ahead..:o)

10 Apr, 2016


Same here Bloomer, white over at a bright sunshiney day ?

Good luck with the cuttings, take as many as you can xxx

10 Apr, 2016


Thanks Pam..I only took six,but if they all take,it will be enough ,as I have some dianthus cuttings as well,which I took in Autumn..looking ok so far,and I know they are hardy..:o)xx

10 Apr, 2016

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