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Nemesia Lagoon Blue, and N. Berrie White are flowering in the greenhouse (bought as plugs a month ago). I'm guessing that I should pinch off the flowers to make for a stronger plant?



yes pinch off the flowers , thats what I would do let the plant put the energy into foliage , I think this is a tall growing variety amazing flowers great choice ...


10 Apr, 2016


Hi, that's what I would do, it's a bit early for them to be flowering, uually early summer, not early spring, Derek.

10 Apr, 2016


in the greenhouse has brought them on early ...

10 Apr, 2016


At the very least, cut the flowers off when you set them out. That will allow them to establish much more quickly, and multiply later bloom.

10 Apr, 2016


Thanks very much Gnarly, Derek and Tug - you've confirmed what I thought would be best. Yes, early, but my wooden greenhouse is very cosy!

10 Apr, 2016

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