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hello, Didn't realise until now that I potted plug bedding geraniums in erecatious compost have I got to re pot. Thanks.



shouldn't really be a problem, many composts are peat based and that is more on the acidic side rather than neutral or alkaline.

11 Apr, 2016


Oh, I don't know, think I'd repot into multi purpose instead, which should be more or less neutral - most pelargoniums prefer neutral to slightly acid, so its likely the compost you've used is way too acid for them, though the actual ph of ericaceous compost can vary a little according to brand.

11 Apr, 2016



They will be fine , I have done the same as thats all I had at the time , I planted seeds galore all looked the same as "normal" compost that I have used over the years ...

and a little weak feed will help after a couple of weeks.

I read in "Which magazine" that compost containing lime used in pots is washed out very quickly with just normal watering..


11 Apr, 2016


Thanks guys


12 Apr, 2016

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