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By Nana

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Do you have a printable calendar of the signs showing good times to plant vegetables each month?



Moongrower has some blogs written some years ago showing best planting times. Also the instructions on the seed packets usually tell you.
To find Moongrower's blogs put her name into the search box with the word Profile. When you see a result with her avatar click on it and you should see a heading blogs which you can click on to see them all.

11 Apr, 2016


She did all the seasons I think Stera, and planting by the moon too
Very good advice

12 Apr, 2016


She didn't do a printable calendar though did she?

12 Apr, 2016


No but you could make your own.......

12 Apr, 2016


this site has one but T&M usually have one too.

13 Apr, 2016

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