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Microclover instead of all grass

I am fed up of weeding and fertilising the lawn all I am after is looking green neat and tidy.

so no more feeding ?
less broad leaved weeds ?

and less fertliser ? as it fixes its own nitogen into the soil

Any one tried ? whats your thoughts ?




I haven't tried it no, but its an interesting innovation. The only trouble is, I'm not sure you'll be able to find micro or white clover on its own as seed - mostly its mixed in with a percentage of grass seeds, as in Eco-lawn, a mix available from, which used only to have 5% microclover mixed in.

11 Apr, 2016


thank you Bamboo mmm I thought the same about the 5% a bit mean !!! with the mix as thats the part I am after , just read only sow seed after all frost are over.

11 Apr, 2016


I grew a lot of white clover in my last garden, but only about 20% of the lawn, I would have gone for all clover if I was reseeding. In the summer the clovers were the only green patches whilst the rest of the lawn was brown, and all those bees and butterflies it pulled in, I loved it.

12 Apr, 2016


Does it need to be short? If not have a look at the following as they sell clover in quantities. I bought a 90g pack for £1.50p which covers 30 sq.m. Mine came from one of the Garden Centres, sold as green manure.
They have a variety of clovers.

12 Apr, 2016


Stop using weedkillers and allow the clovers that are there already to run wild. If you have dandelions, enjoy the flowers until they threaten to seed and just dead head them. No plant is a miracle grower and I think you could be giving yourself a lot of heart ache if you depend on the plants coping without any attention from you. I'll look forward to seeing what you do.

13 Apr, 2016


Depends on whether you've got grandkids or kids who may run about the grass whether you're prepared to substitute ordinary clover for microclover - for one thing, it'll look a bit tattier and secondly, clover is going to flower, whereas microclover doesn't, although it can, it just doesn't mostly. Having had an experience once or twice with my own kids (and me) standing on a bee on the flowers in bare feet, I can attest it's a very painful experience and not one I'd care to repeat...

14 Apr, 2016

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