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By Andrea

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Controlling Flag Iris..... I planted a Flag Iris a number of years ago in a newly formed pond, the pond is only small, about 4` long and 3` across but now the Iris is starting to be invasive. I can`t remove it as it will break up the pond lining and that will result in a big job! Any ideas to keep it under control would be appreciated. If it flowered for a longer period than it does I wouldn`t mind so much, but the plant is very short lived.




I had this problem with the previous pond- I just kept trimming it down to a size of what I wanted it to. Hope this helps l? :)

12 Apr, 2016


Thanks, by `trimming it down` does that mean I can pull clumps out?

12 Apr, 2016


Yes! It should do! I took it right down to the begining of the growth and it just pulled right out leaving a nice small piece :) by doing this as it re grows it also feeds on excess nutrients in the pond, so in a way it helps filter the water :) making it better for anything living in it :)

12 Apr, 2016


The newer growths are easiest to remove by the way :)

12 Apr, 2016


Thank you...I will put this into action next year.

12 Apr, 2016


they shouldn't have rooted into the liner just the sediment on the surface. but the rhizomes snap off easily enough.

13 Apr, 2016

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