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Have these 2 trees in the garden, starting having black spots on the leaves also the bark seems to peel off on one of them, not sure what the trees are, alegedlly is not bay tree but looks similar? Any idea anyone? Tips as well for the black spot? Many thanks

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Did look like Sarcococca confussa but far too big. But I'd go for Arbutus Unedo. Leaf spot, regular spraying with fungicide will sort it out but it is likely to come back. I do believe that the peeling of bark is a quite common to this shrub.'

13 Apr, 2016


They might be a variety of Arbutus, as Jimmy says, but for ID purposes, any chance you can post a close up pic of the flowers, and look under the leaves, specially the ones with black on - I'm not sure that's not sooty mould rather than leafspot, pic's a bit dark to be sure what it is, and sooty mould sometimes occurs in association with scale infestation on the underside of the leaves.

13 Apr, 2016


Does lok like Arbutus. I've seen this black scarring on mine too. I'e never bothered to treat it in the past, so will be interested to see what people recommend. The peeling bark is a feature.

13 Apr, 2016

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