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Rose experts: Long flowering Standard/Shrub rose for part shaded area?

Hello, I have recently taken up gardening and wish to plant & grow a Standard rose in fashion where it has a rounded head and a bare stem.
Am I right in saying that only shrub rose can be trained to have a bare stem and rounded head spread? Climber and rambler would not behave in that way.

Also do you know or even better grow a shrub rose that flowers regularly throught out the summer in part shaded area?

My front garden being in North east gets Morning and evening sun during Spring/summer (may 4-5 hours).

I have seen few advertised like that (especially David Austin's Golden Celebration); but don't want to fall for marketing gimmicks and want to have recommendation out of experience.

Leeds, West Yorkshire.



Whichever rose you choose, make sure its a standard, that way it comes with the bare stem and the variety of rose you've chosen is grafted onto the top of that stem. Can't recommend a particular rose though, I hate the damned things, lovely flowers, really, really high maintenance, look boring most of the year, not a good workhorse in the garden, so I don't plant them, sorry.

2 Aug, 2010


Hi Bamboo,

Thanks for the information.
So do you mean the stem and roots are not of the actual rose plant?

Would not I be able to start from the Potted rose from nursery and then prune it on top when it reaches the desired height and then start removing all the lower branches. I thought that's how they are done.


2 Aug, 2010


No, its not - they use a rough old root stock on roses, usually rugosa or something, then graft the variety of rose into the top - they do this on ordinary roses as well as those grown as standards, the only difference is the standard is grafted at the top of the stem rather than at the bottom, as with other rose bushes. Done because the rugosa rootstock is very strong and vigorous, which the vast majority of modern hybrid roses on their own roots are not. If you want to make your own standard, have a go, but I suspect it would be very difficult to get the straight, thornless effect seen on bought standard bushes.

2 Aug, 2010


Got it. Thanks Bamboo.

Others, please advise on the Rose standards that are good flowering in part shade.


2 Aug, 2010

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