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How can I get rid of voles tunnelling under the lawn.
How do I repair the lawn?
How do I stop the voles returning?



The only way to really get rid of them is trap them or use poison. Don't bother throwing any kind of repellent down their hole; they'll just dig a new hole.

15 Apr, 2016


Are you sure they're not moles? ...
Voles are tiny

Stoats and rabbits tunnel too ......
I live and let live, cans on canes do deter hem but you have to be persistent

15 Apr, 2016


You may just have to wait for the population to drop naturally, which it undoubtedly will - there are certain rules which must be complied with regarding poison and trapping, more info in the link below

15 Apr, 2016


Nope, not according to the link I posted, Snoop - but there are regulations about how you deal with them.

15 Apr, 2016


You may have Moles. Voles just dig holes, moles do the tunneling action. Check with RHS for proper eradication in your country.

16 Apr, 2016

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