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Hi! I am trying to grow strawberries for the first time, and I purchased some Eversweet everbearing strawberry plants. They came wrapped in burlap, with 25 strawberry plants in soil in each little burlap sack. I live in a cold climate and won't be able to plant them for approximately a month and a half. Should I separate them now and plant them individually in indoor containers or keep them wrapped in the burlap until they are ready to plant? Thanks in advance! Ellie



Strawberries are completely hardy plants and are often frozen while stored before despatch. If the ground is still frozen over you can pop each one into 3" pots with multi-purpose compost and wait for the ground to warm up. Keep them outdoors while waiting. If the ground isn't frozen you can plant them out straight away. Since the root system presumably will be small don't be tempted to take fruit from the plants this year should any of them flower. Cut them off and wait until next year, when the plants will be much more robust and productive.

15 Apr, 2016


Thank you so much for your answer and for passing on your knowledge. I greatly appreciate it!

16 Apr, 2016

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