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Hi I am planting some gladioli bulbs and want them to look there best Sunday 24th July family competition when would be a good time to start planting them to be in full flower on that date l am intending to stagger the planting to cover a couple of weeks am planting them in pots thanks Frank. My location is Billingham in England UK.



I'm from the USA and if you were too I would say May 30. But this answer would be if you were in the same growing zone as would help the flagship (UK) GOY members greatly to give you a good answer if you stated your local or growing zone.

15 Apr, 2016



its about 80 to 90 days from planting to flower but all depends what part of the UK and how warm it is North East would be a tad colder so I would start now because in pots you able able to move them about so if looking behind in growth move them to a sunny spot and visa versa if they look like they will flower sooner put them into a cooler spot, have you a greenhouse ?

So you need to start preparing/planting now and leave a week before planting more , keep the bulbs in the fridge, until planting out, just keeps them dormant so the staggering of planting works better .

Buy fleece as you dont want them getting frosted

How many are you planting ? and what varieties ?

what size pots are you using they will need canes to support them


16 Apr, 2016

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