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I've just bought some allium bulbs whilst visiting Amsterdam last weekend. A little research shows me these should be planted in the Autumn. Is it OK to plant them now? If I wait till autumn how should I best store the bulbs?



Hi Paul

Plant them asap

they wont survive till Autumn if you dont plant them and wait.

They will just flower later , do you know what variety ?

I buy allium bulbs very late which saves me ££ as I normally get them reduced as long as they have been stored well , ie nice and firm and no mold growing on them they will be fine, but get them into the ground.


16 Apr, 2016


Thanks Gnarly. They'll be going in this morning.


17 Apr, 2016


Also don't know the variety. Note to self 'find out what variety you're buying and write it down'.

17 Apr, 2016

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