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I am in search of the biggest species of tomatos. I know the “Delisous” gets large. So does the mortgage lifter. I heard the Mortgage Lifter gets up to 5lbs. The Delicious 7lbs. Any ones get any bigger??



to be honest I have never grown varieties of tomato for their size just their flavour. I'd be interested to see if there are any other giants out there.

20 Apr, 2016


Big Boy is the only one that comes to mind and its not that big

Unless its for show purposes I think smaller ones are sweeter and tastier

20 Apr, 2016


Hello again! I might add that the Abraham Lincoln and other big tomatoes do lack the flavor which one finds in the smaller varieties.

20 Apr, 2016


I have answered your question on a new page, I got confused, sorry.

21 Apr, 2016


I get the impression you didn't read my reply to my information, but did you find it useful ?

21 Apr, 2016


Thank you, Hank. Sorry, didn't see.

22 Apr, 2016


Idk where you replied. Where could I find it? At Hank.

24 Apr, 2016


Hope you're still reading this. I'm told that Thompson- Morgan have Gigantomo toms, which are really huge.

29 Apr, 2016


Will look into it, thank you, Hank.

30 Apr, 2016

How do I say thanks?

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