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Veggie beauty contest winners? I am contemplating planting vegetables in my garden not for consumption but for decorative purposes. Up to now, the only vegetables I have ever grown was a Lima bean plant, two tomato plants and one cabbage. I would greatly appreciate it if you could give me your suggestions. I think that now would be the time to do this since our area has been overrun with mink which has not only cleaned out our ponds of fish... Even a pond fish supplier nearby got completely cleaned out of his stock, even his $$$$Koi...but has also rid the area of rabbits and who knows what else which could feed on the veggies I plant. I greatly appreciate your recommendations.



Ruby chard comes to mind.

20 Apr, 2016


yes that was my thought, chards do have many different colour forms. I grow runner beans with sweet peas.
purple headed cabbages perhaps.

20 Apr, 2016


Some runner beans are really pretty, chive and garlic flowers too
Bronze fennel is lovely as well but has a huge tap root

Lettuce?......all those colours....
Browse a seed catalogue

A gardener on tv...geoff hamilton ( passed away now) advocated an ornamental vegetable garden.....

20 Apr, 2016


Carrots make a pretty border if you choose the best kind for your soil. Probably best with the spherical rooted ones.

20 Apr, 2016


I like beetroot tops and pretty red and green lettuces. Yugoslavian red is gorgeous, although a little tricky to germinate here I have found. Purple podded peas of course, and you get some very pretty coloured flowers on runner beans these days too. I like the dwarf french beans too. Dill is an absolutely beautiful herb in every way. Borage has gorgeous blue flowers that bees adore. Red Cabbages and those lovely cauliflower/broccoli things that I can't remember the name of but have a spiral floret tower in a pale green colour. I love Red Chicory...its very pretty with its contrasting white stems. I can't wait to see your photos!

20 Apr, 2016


Courgettes. The male flowers are spectacular!

20 Apr, 2016


I have place all of your suggestions on a shopping list and will be off to the garden store this weekend. Thanks for all your great recommendations!!!

21 Apr, 2016


If the garden is warm enough, many basils and peppers are beautiful. 'Purple Passion' asparagus makes a nice blue-green accent, too. Japanese eggplants can be pretty, and bear more easily than the old 'Black Beauty'. Lebanese zucchini have attractive silver leaves. 'Red Bor' or 'Nero Toscana' kales are nice.

22 Apr, 2016


Looking at the images of the plants....they are beautiful. I should have thought about doing this long ago.

22 Apr, 2016

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