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Cauliflower leaves brown? - what's the reason for the leaves going brown? I started them in trays and then transplanted to pots of multi purpose compost, in the greenhouse the whole time but since moved into conservatory. I can only assume either too much water or too much sun/heat in the conservatory?




yes that is typically sun scorch. if the leaves are wet it can make the problem worse. they will still grow away ok, just move them from the direct light in the conservatory.

20 Apr, 2016


I agree with Seaburngirl. It's sun scorch because of the sudden move into the conservatory where their whole environment changed. They should be acclimated gradually. The stronger plants will most likely be OK, but you may loose some of smaller/weaker plants.

Remember to do this if you decide to move them outdoors.

20 Apr, 2016


So given that we have had a lot of sun recently the same problem would have happened if I left them in the greenhouse? And once I plant them out in May and the leaves get larger/stronger this won't be an issue? I will be putting some fleece and or netting over them anyway once planted out so that should give some protection from scorching....

21 Apr, 2016


And thanks for your comments!

21 Apr, 2016


The problem isn't the sun. The problem is the suddenness of the change. You have to gradually introduce them to their new environment. The first day put them outside for just an hour in a shaded location, the next day sun for an hour, the next day 2 hours in the sun, then 4 hours. Each day increase time in sun by 2 hours until 8 hours. Then you can just move them outside altogether.

21 Apr, 2016


they can scorch in the greenhouse that has happened to some of my plants before. Now I have cleaned the glass I have had to put young plants in less direct sun until they are more established. 2 years ago I moved an aspidistra from the lounge to the conservatory , little thermal shock but the sun did a lot of damage. itt has now recovered and stays in the lounge in more shade than I'd prefer it to have :o)

21 Apr, 2016


The temp in the conservatory and the greenhouse has been pretty constant, if anything they were getting more sun in the greenhouse than they are now in conservatory, I haven't put them outside at all yet, that was only for taking the photo!

22 Apr, 2016

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