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Gypsofilia paniculata if i take tip cuttings should they be left covered in plasic bag or left uncovered as they are a drought tolerant plant?





I have only taken from root cuttings in November December.

I would use a bag ....

23 Apr, 2016


I would keep the humidity higher until they are forming roots.

24 Apr, 2016


Hi, the usual method of propagation for these is by seed, with the perennial species you can ow the seed in winter at 55 - 64f, or in spring in a cold frame, as Gg says, you can take root cuttings in winter of species Gypsophila, I think this is a cultivar of G paniculata, because of the pink flowers, it could be G paniculata 'Compacta Plena, which grows to 8 -12", or 'Flamingo' which grows to 30 - 36" but is a bit less robust, but produces larger flowers, Derek.

24 Apr, 2016


I have looked at the root system and it looks very fine not the type to propergate from maybe i should look further to find fatter roots the way my tip cutting didnt take but thats how the seller says mine was produced

12 May, 2016

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