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Do most gardeners here feed their gardens i used to use pellets and bags of farmyard manure but stopped a couple of years ago and everything is still happy. What are the results of feeding too much and when can you tell if your garden needs feeding?




It looks as if you've been doing the right thing from the lush planting you have. Your garden looks lovely. We use compost etc in spring or autumn on our heavy clay.

23 Apr, 2016


I use 6X chicken manure. It's very strong stuff so a little goes a long way.

23 Apr, 2016


it depends on what I am planting. I usually incorporate some fertilizer at planting time and regularly mulch around the plants in the spring and again in autumn. over feeding just wastes money as the plant will only take what it needs. it will happily feed the weeds too :o))

if you find the flowers not as large or healthy then perhaps they need a feed.

24 Apr, 2016

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