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By Waddy

Lancashire, United Kingdom Gb

I have a hole under the bottom of my fence. We noticed it last year in the summer and fearing it might be a rat, we blocked it off in the winter and it remained blocked until a couple of weeks ago and we've noticed it's opened again. I'd love to think we have a hedgehog, but how can I tell?



Would love to think so too! When we want to find something out like this, we put flour down to see what is passing by, if it has a drag mark for a long tail - it's a rat!
But have a look at the following and they show you how to make a tracking pad.

24 Apr, 2016


also look for their droppings, 1-2" long looking like a small dog dropping.

25 Apr, 2016


I found two gaps under my fences and was pretty sure it was a hedgehog because I did find their spraint last year. So I'm now putting down hedgehog food or dried fruit, all of which is being eaten.

I just hope I'm not creating a giant sized rat!

25 Apr, 2016


Thanks everyone. I'm going to put some flour down tonight and we'll see what we get...I'll keep you posted.

25 Apr, 2016


Well, I've put down the flour,and would you believe it...since then ...not a sign of anything! I think whatever it is doesn't like the fact that we've reverted back to winter. I'll keep watching...

29 Apr, 2016


I did the same. Put down flour and though there are signs that something dragged through it (sort of, hard to describe) and the food was eaten I still don't know. Maybe I didn't put down enough flour. They'll be ending up with a flipping cake soon.

30 Apr, 2016


Dragged sounds a bit odd Arbut' perhaps you need to put it a bit thicker?

30 Apr, 2016


I have finally decided it's a hedgehog as I saw some poo on the lawn which I know definitely isn't didn't come from a rat. So I shall continue with the food until the appearance of the 20,000 slugs that the news warned us about. Then they'll have so much food we'll have some real roly-poly hogs.

1 May, 2016


Sounds like a good plan...I'm still waiting to see what I've got coming through my hole...don't want to be feeding no rats!

1 May, 2016

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