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I have a forsythia bush that has developed white marks on the bark which seem to be spreading.Im not sure what this is and the best way to treat this.Please could I have some advice. Thank you

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this looks like a fungal thing. but the bark is missing so that will allow fungus in. Do you get any toadstools at the base of it in the autumn?
does it smell of mushrooms?

25 Apr, 2016


Hi.No toadstools on bottom and not a mushroom smell I don't think.Tree is over 20years old

25 Apr, 2016


do you know how it lost its bark?

25 Apr, 2016


Not sure. It'sbeen in my mum and dads garden for over 20 years but this is the first time the white has appeared

28 Apr, 2016


that does suggest a fungal infection then. it may be fine for years so just keep an eye on it.

29 Apr, 2016


Ok I will do.Thank you.We don't want to get rid of it as it's lovely in the garden.Thanks for your advice

29 Apr, 2016

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