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Hi. I'm confused, we had a Badger in the garden a few nights ago but I don't know how it is getting in, I have gone round the whole garden, there isn't any tunnelling under any parts of the fencing, no holes in the fences & no way can is get through the wrought iron gate, the gaps have been covered to stop my dog from getting through so no gaps anywhere? Any idea's?



Badgers can climb over fences you know, a bit more troublesome for them but they can do it if the fence is not too high. Have any idea why it wants in? For food? To poop? You might try leaving an light on at night if you have one outside the house or try making and placing a scarecrow in the garden.

25 Apr, 2016


Well, best of luck, we are in the process of losing every tulip to them And we have 1,000's of tulips, or should say had!. Like you our fencing is intact all the way round and we cannot see how they are getting in. Look round the outside of your property for a worn path. They do have regular habits and there are often paths which indicate where they are going.

25 Apr, 2016


Wow! I never knew Badgers could climb, I looked it up on the internet and saw a video of one climbing a tree. We know are wondering if it is climbing up our neighbours tree into our garden?

Oh! What a shame that they are eating your Tulips.
Looks like we'll have to have fencing with a rounded curved top to them LOL.

We are thinking of getting trip camera's for the garden to see if it is still coming in as haven't seen it since or any sign of it, I'm wondering if to get some of that Lion smelling stuff to see if it deters it?

27 Apr, 2016


Badgers are smart and will find away around most things. Take a good look in your garden to find a reason as to why it wants in. There are two main reasons, first - you have something in the garden it likes to eat. If so, you may have to remove it or not plant it next year. Second, the Badger views your garden as an area where it likes to releave itself and nothing else. You will notice signs of its droppings and urine scrapes (simular to what a dog or cat does after doing its business). In this case it will be harder to deter it since it is not usining your property as a food source. Trip cameras are not that useful, a wide angle night vision video camera would be but they are expensive. Just a keen eyed look around the garden will give you a better idea of what it is doing. Good Luck!

27 Apr, 2016

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