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By Borodin

Denbighshire, United Kingdom Gb

Can anyone please tell me what this plant is which is gradually taking over my lawn and how do I get rid of it...many thanks

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Possibly a Cerastium (Mouse-eared Chickweed)? Probably need to use a selctive weedkiller on the lawn.

25 Apr, 2016


Many thanks

25 Apr, 2016


Check out pictures on the internet, Borodin, before you accept my thoughts ;-)))

25 Apr, 2016


Yes, Bulba is right, it's Cerastium fontanum.

25 Apr, 2016


You are both correct. It is Cerastium fontanum. I am currently treating it with Weedol Lawn Weedkiller which appears to be having an effect. I am reluctant to dig it out because the lawn was only laid just over 18 months ago. I may be forced to reconsider though if the weedkiller doesn't work.

27 Apr, 2016

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