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I just bought a Sauromatum venosum because its a deer resistant plant

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I just bought a Sauromatum venosum (bulb) because its a deer resistant plant. I want to put it in the pot and keep it out of the rain in winter. Is now good time to plant it in soil ? And will it bloom this year?



Well, this tuber or bulb will flower first, then start growing leaves, if the tuber you've bought is large enough to produce a flower yet. It will actually flower without even being planted, and the flower absolutely stinks, reputedly similar to rat faeces, whatever they smell like, so good luck with that indoors... Said to be hardy in Zone 7 once established, but you will need to start it into growth before transferring outdoors when the weather's warmer, so pot it up now and keep indoors until such time as outdoor conditions have become mild, harden it off and leave outdoors - if your zone is lower than 7, you may well need to move the pot somewhere less cold.

25 Apr, 2016


Thanks Bamboo. I am in zone 8. I'd like to keep it in the pot outside but we have lots of rain in winter so I want to bring it in, away from the rain. I think I will plant it and see what will happen. I have zero knowledge of this plant except I know that the flower stinks.( Maybe it will keep the deer away :-)
Some more questions: Do I have to keep it on dry side? The leaves in the picture look interesting. How big it will get? Any suggestion for companion plants?
Thank you.

25 Apr, 2016


We have grown this bulb for a good number of years now. I would not judge it as being hardy in our area, Moray Firth in Scotland. We keep ours in a pot in the unheated greenhouse over winter, unless it is forcast to get very cold for a prolonged period when we bring the pot into the conservatory style front porch with a frost-stat heater. When it comes into flower it can stay in the greenhouse or come into the porch for it to be appreciated by all who enter (I would describe the smell as being like cattle slurry - which I don't find offensive. The flower and scent last about 48 hours then die away). After flowering, end of April/early May, the pots are put out on the patio so that we may enjoy the amazing divided leaves. Over winter the pots are kept dry and I have only just started to give water to ours. I believe that in the States you can buy dry tubers with the advice to just leave them, dry, on a saucer in a sunny window cill and let them to flower - then presumably throw them away.

25 Apr, 2016


Thank you very much Bulbaholic for this useful information.
I hope I will be able to keep it for many years just following your direction. It is a unique plant.
Thanks again.

25 Apr, 2016


Bulbaholic - they either let them flower and bin them, or pot them up once the flowers over and grow the leaves on.

Further info in the links below Klahanie, with images in the first one of the plant in leaf

25 Apr, 2016


That is lots of information there. Thank you very much :-)

25 Apr, 2016

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