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Could anyone please tell me why my laurel hedge is turning yellow thanks



A photo or two would be helpful, even just to identify what type of laurel - cherry, bay or spotted... together with more info - how long have you had the hedge, for instance?

25 Apr, 2016


I was interested in this question as I have a huge hedging type laurel which has some yellow leaves. Doing a bit of research, suggestions were too dry (not probable after the rain we have had!) or too wet - also not probable as it's in a well drained area. It's just wait and see!

26 Apr, 2016


I thought this was normal as the old leaves drop off OR the leaves inside the bush drop off more quickly as the plant grows so you end up with just leaves on the outside of the hedge , they are evergreen and can not last for ever , but as Bamboo mentioned a photo would be useful......


26 Apr, 2016

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